Independent Research Project
Site: Anhui, China


A Small Piece of Farmland / He and I

Grandpa take a really crucial role in my life when I was a small child. At that time, each time when he had to do the farmwork, the wheats, higher than me, made me hard to find him, which especially was a problem if at the noon I would like to bring him lunch from home. Thus, although not convenient, I had to yell loudly "Grandpa, lunch time now." 

Thus, here I propose such a terrace as a gift for other kids confronting similar problems, and also for the farmers to have the opportunity to communicate and interract with the landscape, with his own harvest, from spring to summer, to autumn and winter.

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A Small Piece of Farmland / He and it

Grandpa's house is located in a little village in Anhui. As a farmer playing with crops for almost the whole life, although life has been much more better, he is still unwilling to stop farm works. I remember when I was a little chid, grandpa's words ‘leaving crops, not a farmer anymore'.  On the route inbetween his small house and the farmland, singing a folk song is normally his way to express the enjoyment with the farming. Therefore, the terrace is a gift from his grandson, for him to stay with the farmland alone.

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