Dynamic Vertical Complex


Site: Dalian, China


This complex project is seen as a continuous changing object reacting to the transformation in demond and the regeneration in events.
Working mainly as a merge of co-working space and communal center, of which the former one is more like the loose space, and the latter is relatively static, to produce a kind of contradiction and complexity through the “collage”.  

The site is inbetween the boundary of  a residential community and a university. The assignment is to make use of the resources of the university, to build a creative working place. Becasue the location is right in the boundary, with multiful communal life in the whole area, I propose to intergrate the diversified life, activities and the working functions, to finally generate a complex project harmonious with the overall environment, which I think is a elegant way to give the possibility for the local in the community to really engage with what is happening besides their homes, to participate in the whole urban development rather than being isolated from that.


Flat vs Slope Spiral / Form and Program Integration / Time-related Expansion

In the so-called Domino System, each floor is isolated from the others, which leave a great gap. The space is fragmental and fixed, hard to break the limitation and the restriction of the solid construction form. But for the constant slope spiral in my design, the conception of "f loor"  nolonger exists there, which means the continuity make it possible for the whole building to become a flexible and dynamic system in every moment. When the demond for functions changes, the whole system will react actively through the gradual reduction or the expansion of every special function. 

The Project is composed of two loops, with outside stairs system and inner slope system. When the basic building is nolonger adaptive to the new coming demond for functional spaces, for instance, the increasing residents and the demond for more offices because of the great success of this mode, the building itself is able to positively expand the building along with the change of time. 


Ground Floor Plan: The constant slope in the core starts with program as market. The eastern side is the public entrance to communal functions, going up with stairs.


Floor Plans of One Moment: Outside communal loop going up by stairs, inner market, commercial and office loop going up with a constant slope. 


Section: Working, communal, commercial functions are constant changing.

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