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Cafe Design in A Open-pit Mine area

Design For Fushun National Achitectural Competition - Hornorable Mentions
Collaborator: Yue Wu, yi zhao
Site: Fushun, China


Fushun is a city affluent in mineral resources. Through years, overwhelming exploitment has badly demaged the land condition. The land subsidence happens everywhere. As a result, a number of villages near the mines has been buried underground, replaced by lakes in various size.

The aim of the project is to make a place for people who former lived here to look back. An upside-down cafe above the lake, of which the reflection is just like a pitch house laying in the water. The definitions of public building and memorial object are actually crossprograming here.


Cross Section


Struture Features

By means of the characteristic structure of Dougong structure, the building forms a symbol of visual intentions, and achieves the “upside down slope of the roof houses”. 


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Floor Plan Scenarios

The linear interior space is in general a free space suitable for various layout. Besides, the foldable timber walls make it possible to link the outside corridor ring with the interior space to become a totally open space for events' expansion.


Flower Wall as the Shape of Housing: Bring in the nature to fill in the external timber frame, to in a way indicate the rebirth of houses in collapse


Interior View: The structure inside uses the similar structure as the exterior frame to create a soft ceiling interface


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