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Event machine


Beijing Jiaohua Factory Renovation


Inside-out Workshop Research Project
Site: Beijing, China


Located in an abandoned industrial area of Beijing, the preserved Jiahua Factory is planed to be transformed open to the public as a part of urban fundamental facilities.

With the typical industrial characteristics of large scale freestanding space and the steel roof truss, the proposal is to intervene in the hidden dimensions, specifically as two lines in the space, a foldable floor system and an operable curtain ceiling system, to be flexible which is suitable for mainly four events, theater, fashion show, exhibition and blind date.


Operable Floor and Ceiling System

The timber floor is foldable with many subdivided fragments. The ceiling is composed by a collection of translucent fabric which can be laid down or fixed with the curve rails on the ground for specific demands.


Scenarios: 1. Theater; 2. Fashion show; 3. Exhibition, 4. Blind date


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